You are a happy ghost.

Avoid evil enemies and traps.


Take the KEY.

(a TIMER will start once you get it)


Go to the DOOR.

(a pointer will show it's direction)


That's it! \o/



MOVE:         WASD / arrows             D-PAD

PAUSE:              ESC                    Start

SELECT:       E / ENTER / SPACE        Button South

BACK:                Q                   Button East

What to expect:

  • Fast paced gameplay
  • Cool puzzles
  • Secret Areas to discover
  • CHECKPOINTS  \o/ (after tons of feedback hahah)
  • Difficulty settings
  • Collectables
  • Endgame scoreboard (I'd like too see how you did!)
  • Some settings doesn't work yet

What's comming next:

  • Level selection
  • Save/Load
  • Support for other aspect ratios (mobile/wide screen)
  • Performance improvements
  • More levels :)

    This game was made for Game Jam.

    It's my first time making a game / pixel art, so any feedback would be appreciated!

    Please rate it and share your Scoreboard (endscreen)! \o/

    Consider supporting the game if you enjoyed it. :D

    made by Guilherme Raimondi.

    Thanks for playing!

    Development log


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    This is an extraordinary game!!!

    Phenomenal. Well done!

    This is awesome and really fun!

    fast frantic but give me headache with the scrolling:( but like it :)

    This was a great little puzzler. I died loads even on normal difficulty because I'd either get impatient around enemies or I'd stop to think about my next move while touching spikes! 😆

    Fortunately, the checkpoints are quite generous! 😆😆

    (1 edit)

    really enjoyed the game and started tinkering with the tilemap system in unity. so how did you implement the coins and the blades ? are they tiles them self or prebafs places using a brush ? also can notice subtle lighting effects are you using the new 2d tenderer ?

    (2 edits) (+1)

    very very good production. it’s well designed, fun, atmospheric, and challenging. looking forward to your future work.


    Thanks man, glad you liked it! Follow me on Twitter @guiiraimondi to stay updated on my work ;D

    This is a great puzzle game! I manage the games at and am interested in buying a license it to put it up on our site. If you are interested, please contact me at

    (1 edit)

    Thanks man! Sent you an e-mail. 


    its like a better tomb of the mask version :)

    (1 edit)

    WOW, this is a HUGE compliment to me! Thank you! :D

    wow such a awesome game

    thank you!!! glad you enjoyed o/

    Congratulations! You totally deserve the great ranking. :)

    Thank you so much! It's been an amazing experience :D

    great game!

    insanely hard!

    Thanks! hahaha

    pls make a phone app pls i want to play this portibley without internet

    I actually have plans to do a mobile port :D. Follow me here or on Twitter (guiiraimondi) to stay updated :)

    (1 edit)

    It’s really funny, I am a Ghost who keeps dying and resurrecting.

    Hahahah glad you liked it!

    achei muito punitivo o inicio, vc perde pro timer e volta la no inicio.

    minha sugestão é colocar um checkpoint antes do timer iniciar, ou dividir o primeiro nivel.

    Fala man! Já to trabalhando exatamente nessa feature, pra salvar exatamente nesse momento kkk. Valeu pelo feedback! :D Fica de olho aí q daqui uns dias sai a atualização o/


    Enjoyed the game a lot, but the timer is unnecessary in my opinion. Otherwise, great job!

    Thank you for the feedback! Yea, I'm currenly thinking about it's viability... some people liked and others did not. 

    What do you think about creating an option to disable the timer?

    Hey buddy! Just released an update which now you can toggle the timer besides other things, check it out o/

    Really cool game. My heart was beating so fast during some parts!

    Hahahah that's really cool! Hoped it'd cause that sometimes :D

    Great game! Just a question. Did you rip-off "Tomb of The Mask"? Or is this a parody or did you think before the game released on mobile? Just a question because it looks vaguely familiar like that game. Im not a dev of that game. No sue. Just ask.


    Hey buddy, glad you asked that! It's my first game, I started learning game dev two months ago and was was heavly inspired by it, so I tryed to get the same concept and add some of my takes. 

    The game is still in a prototype phase with only it's basics, that's why it seems very similar.  But I do plan on keep working on it and add features that will make it stand out have it's own take. 

    Glad you enjoyed it o/

    i really loved the game, it remembers some games of nintendo and the sound of the game remember the water phase of mario N64

    congratulation, its a wonderful game

    Wow, that's a really kind comparison, thank you! Yea, that music came to my mind too! :D

    Thanks a lot for the feedback. o/

    What a brilliant game! From the art to the gameplay and level design, it's so well made all around. The movement felt so responsive I didn't care I was dying all the time cause moving around made me feel like I was getting better each run. Very well done!


    Hahahah that's so nice to read. Worked on the movement for a lot of time, feels good to know you liked it. :)
    Thanks for all the compliments, really do appreciate it!

    Really brilliant game. Super engaging and nicely designed. Controls are simply to understand and satisfying to master. The difficulty curve is well done and there is great satisfaction from completing a level. Superb game. 5/5 for me.  

    \o/!!!! I'm so happy you felt that way! Glad you had fun with it! :D

    A wonderful game. Everything is awesome, from SFX, game idea, gameplay, to visual, all of them are top-notch. You did joke about first time making game, didn't you :) ?

    Wow thank you so much, it's really encouraging to read that! I did not haha, it's trully my first game. I did study and researched a lot to make the best game I could! :)

    Great game! IT has the feel of a full fleshed release. I did not get far so some checkpoints along the way would have been nice, having you respawn with a set time left everytime. I also missed a timer showing how muh time I have left. But those are just minor quarrels, the game is really well done!

    Thank you for the feedback! I'm still thinking in a way to soften this. I dont know if it'll be a checkpoint, but i'll come with something. About the timer left it appears near the Key on the UI. I need to make it more visible to the player too.

    Thank you for the kind words! Keep an eye for future updates. :D

    (2 edits)

    I followed you so hopefully I'll get some notification :) With the timer I do think showing it not only when it's close to zero but during the whole time would be better. Not knowing how much time you have left gives an unnerving feeling which is not really necessary when you already have an countdown.

    The timer only starts when you get the key and once you get it the icon appears on the UI. My fault I didn't come up with something intuitive to make it easier to get. I remade it a little to make it more visible (still going to do something more, maybe a red vignette pulsing?).
    Would love to read your toghts and thank you for following! Means a lot :)

    Really cool game! Thanks for making it!

    Thanks for playing it! Glad you liked! :D

    Awesome game!

    Thank you!

    First time making a game? Damn what a beast! Great game!

    Yea hahaha. Wow, thanks for that! I'm happy that you enjoyed it! \o/

    Very creative leveldesign. Great combination of puzzle-solving and precise timing challenges :)

    Thank you! Really glad you liked, specially the level design. Tryed my best to make it cool! :D

    yeah, i think it's pretty cool :D very challenging! 

    Here is my last score!